Systems and processes evolve at an ever-increasing pace in today’s world. Working in industries driven by technology means nearly constant change. This continual state of flux can present challenges for you and your staff in staying up-to-date with new technologies, processes, regulations, skills and certifications.

The American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) offers courses online and in-person, from e-learning and webinars to conference and seminar-style classes. Their course offerings cover all levels of experience--from someone just starting his/her career to the seasoned professional needing a skills refresher or a new certification.

EPS’ founder, Dr. John Williams, PE, and Dr. Theodore “Ted” Williams are both educators with the AIChE, offering subject-matter expertise in the following areas:

Each of these courses is a two-day, seminar style training.

Additionally, Dr. John Williams, PE, and Dr. Theodore Williams are available to develop customized courses on a specific topic for your company or industry. Customized courses are held at your company’s location or other local venue, at a time that is most convenient for your team. See AIChE’s Train-a-Team page for more information about on-demand training or contact EPS to discuss your customized, team training needs.